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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Oh Darling,

I've always been the girl who felt so comfortable in her own skin. [That'll never last right?]. I got into college and all of the sudden I wasn't skinny enough, or pretty enough. I wasn't able to talk to boys, I wasn't popular enough to be invited to parties, or to have the boy walk me around town. I wasn't smart enough to get the best grades, or funny enough not to. Right??

High school and college, for girls specifically is a hostile environment to grow up in. Your hair has to be a certain way, your clothes have to come from the best stores, and if they're not a size 0 don't even bother. Doing good in school is looked down upon, and staying up late on the weekends is for popular people. And day after day we feel like WE ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. All day every day, the Lord says YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, YOU ARE PRETTY ENOUGH, the Lord says YES, but the world says NO.

We let these skewed perceptions seep from the glossy pages of a magazine into our brains where they sit, simmer, and eventually take over our every thought, action, and outlook on not only ourselves but the people around us. We stop eating, we bury ourselves in homework, we exercise until we can't move, and we cry. The person in the mirror is ugly, fat, unhealthy, so we force ourselves into the bathroom, and do what many before us have done in order to fit this perception of perfection. Pain takes over our every thought, to the point where nothing else can dull it out, so we turn to drugs, alcohol, or we inflict it on ourselves. As the knife hits our skin, the sting of the blood makes it's way out of the fresh incision and for that moment we forget the pain that our lives bring. Social pressures, religion, school, family, and friends added to the daily stress that LIFE itself brings each day. And when it's all said and done we look back on these acts of self inflicted pain and feel worse because of the WEAK people we must be. Right?

Each and every one of us has strengths. Whether that's saying one good thing about ourselves, or someone else each day. Or whether it's as simple as we brushed our teeth this morning. Every single one of us has strengths. Strengths aren't prizes. You don't need a calling in the church to be a good member of the church, you don't need to graduate with honors to be smart, and you don't need to win the nobel peace prize to do service. As individuals, the Lord has given us strengths, and weaknesses. These weaknesses aren't to level the playing field, or to prove to us that He is better than us. The Lord gives us the weaknesses to give us OPPORTUNITY. He opens up the door for us not only to have STRENGTH, but to get STRONGER. Every weakness he places in our lives is him giving us an opportunity to change. How will we rise to this challenge? Will we throw it away, and turn our backs on Him, on ourselves? Or will we take the challenge, and make our shortcomings, our strongest qualities?

Every single one of us have the opportunity to do something we ALL need help to do. We can change our way of thinking. Today, tell yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Tell someone else. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL. Help someone. Not because you want to be thanked, but because you want them to feel loved! We all have these opportunities put in front of us, and I think I have been wasting a lot of them. The Lord puts so many doors wide open for me, but instead I choose to stay in the room I've always been in and refuse to venture out to the unknown. We are all special, and we all have strengths.

When we begin to see that the person next to us has a story, we will begin to change the way we see the world. We can invite love into our lives, not only by loving those around us but by loving ourselves. Love the fact that one boob is bigger than the other. Love the fact that Tan Fat looks better than White Fat. Love the fact that you can't control your eyebrow, and at the end of the day, love the fact that the Lord has given us the greatest blessing of all, LIFE. because we chose to come here. Not only were we strong before we came to Earth, but we were the STRONGEST. We chose to come to this world, at this time, and the Lord let us because HE KNOWS that we have the strength to survive what the world has prepared for us.

You are beautiful. There is someone out there who loves you, who thinks about you, and who is rooting you on. You have worth. You are smart, you are worthy, and you have so many strengths. Weaknesses are only an opportunity to strengthen what is already strong. YOU deserve to be here, YOU deserve to live. WE CAN DO THIS. We can live this life, we can love this life, and we can kick life's ass right back.

So all the bad feelings about yourself, about others, and about life?

Impossible is nothing. Change your thoughts, change the world. YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU HAVE PURPOSE. AND YOU... YOU HAVE STRENGTH.

Stay Classy, Kayla

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  1. Who are you? I thought I knew. I didn't and still don't. That being said.....It is a pleasure and a blessing to know and love you! I am in awe of your insight and the power of your words! They will bless the lives of others! I am eternally thankful that we are eternally connected. You are MORE than enough! You have been given enough and to SPARE. God will direct you as he is now as you share what you have! All my love!